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★Nicol Dourala, from Greece, London based artist 妮可, 來自希臘, 現居倫敦☆

Hi everyone.
Finally I have got round to writing!
It can be a difficult situation as many of you probably know, trying to balance art and life. And I know these two can be the same thing, but many times you realise that actually, in practice, this is not the case. Having a job (although at the moment I am unemployed and looking for work), having a social life, making your own art and volunteering for a gallery or writing for a blog such as this is a tricky balance, where it seems time management skills are essential; because if one of these above activities takes up more time than expected, it means it has deducted, even stolen, time from something else.

A little bit (‘wee bit’ as they would say in Scotland) about myself. My name is Nicol Dourala, I was born and raised in Greece. I did a BA(Hons) in Photography, in England, over ten years ago. I then went back to Greece. In 2008 I completed a Masters in Fine Art, in Scotland and I now live in London.

Scotland is also where I met Meigo, who has been ever so nice and offered me the opportunity to contribute to this blog, by reporting from London. And of course I would also like to thank the rest of the editorial group for agreeing to this. It is a bit weird writing for a blog which I do not understand/cannot read, as I only know Greek and English, so do bare with me, and put me back on track if I have steered away from it!
Thanks –x-

Nicol Dourala



a girl who loves working, but cares her living quality more. She knows when to take a rest and experience the fineness in those beautiful things around her, that is why she travels and photographs, so that she could see, observe and also create. Anyway, she enjoys her life, walks in her own pace, and tries to catch all aesthetics that appear in her past, present and future.